About BPG

Bully Pulpit Games is the award-winning publisher of innovative games such as Fiasco (Diana Jones Award for Gaming Excellence, 2011), The Fiasco Companion (Golden Geek Award, 2012) , and Night Witches (Indie Game of the Year 2015). We produce fun, original, and occasionally challenging games for tabletop and live action play.


Bully Pulpit Games created by  Steve SegedyJason Morningstar, and Patrick Murphy in 2005 because we wanted to share our work with a broader audience, promote independent gaming, and fund our various projects.

Our goal from the beginning was to offer materials that live up to the standards set by our guide and inspiration, the late Colonel Theodore Roosevelt. Those standards are, as the Colonel put it so succinctly, “Fair play and a square deal”.

About Jason

Jason Morningstar’s first game design, Baby Wars, was a transparent rip-off of Steve Jackson’s Melee that he wrote in fourth grade (unlike Melee, it did have rules for dirty diapers as weapons). Jason lives in the Bull City, Durham, North Carolina.

About Steve

Steve Segedy has been hooked on gaming since the first time he set his eyes on the Monster Manual in 1981. He still longs for the day when he can play in a successful, ongoing sci-fi game. Steve is responsible for the production and business aspects of the BPG operation.

About the Colonel

Theodore Roosevelt was, at various points in his life, a statesman (including a stint as President of the United States from 1901-1909), prolific author and scholar, police commissioner, soldier (Colonel, First U.S. Volunteers, 1897-1898), ardent conservationist, progressive reformer, sportsman, cowboy, explorer, faithful husband and doting father.

We noted his passing in January of 1919 with particular sorrow.