Health Care Games

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing. Pediatric Oncology Orientation Game. Presented at the Innovation Learning Network Seattle Conference, 2011.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health. Distance MPH Capstone Project. 2011.

Kaiser-Permanente Health Care. Academic Nursing Summit Game. 2011.

RPG Credits: Bully Pulpit Games

Bully Pulpit Games. The Warren (Development and additional material)

Bully Pulpit Games. Night Witches.

Bully Pulpit Games. JUGGERNAUT.

Bully Pulpit Games. Out of Dodge.

Bully Pulpit Games. The Climb.

Bully Pulpit Games. The Fiasco Companion.

Bully Pulpit Games. Fiasco. 2009. Winner, 2011 Diana Jones Award, Best Support, 2009 Indie Games Awards. ENnies Judge’s Spotlight Award.

Bully Pulpit Games. Grey Ranks. 2007. Co-Winner, Diana Jones Award. Winner, Indie Game of the Year. Winner, Most Innovative, Indie Game Awards.

Bully Pulpit Games. Drowning and Falling. 2006.

Bully Pulpit Games. The Shab al-Hiri Roach. 2006. Winner, Sui Generis Award, Kenneth Hite’s Out of the Box

RPG Credits: Competition Entries

Game Chef competition. Durance. 2011.

Game Chef competition. Danger Mountain. 2010.

Two Games, One Name Competition. The Plant. 2009. Winner, “Out of the Box” award.

Murderland Competition. Bodymore Murdaland. 2008.

Game Chef competition. Dulse. 2008. Runner-up.

Valentines Day Game Competition. Animal Rescue Vigilantes 2008.

Game Chef competition. Grover Cleveland. 2007. Runner-up.

Game Chef competition. Terra Nova. 2006.
Author, as “Robert Poppe”.

Ronnies competition. Xochitlcozamalatl. 2005.

Game Chef competition. The Governor’s Report Concerning the Doomed Assault on the Fire Moon. 2005.

24 Hour RPG competition. Dungeon Squad. 2005.

52 Pick-up column, President of the Galaxy. 2001.

RPG Credits: Other Companies

Trail of Cthulhu: The Black Drop.

Love in the Time of Seið (With Matthijs Holter). 2010.

Netbook project. GURPS Historical Folks. 2003. Additional material.

Steve Jackson Games. GURPS Steam Tech. 2001. Additional material.

Steve Jackson Games. GURPS Low Tech. 2001. Additional material.

Tri-Tac Games. Incursion: High Adventure Across the Galaxy. 1992. Technical Advisor.

Card and Board Game Credits

Bully Pulpit Games. Deicide. 2007.

RPG Credits: Hacks and Experiments


Last Train Out of Warsaw. 2009.

Bloody Forks of the Ohio. 2009.

Roleplaying as Pedagogy demo. 2008.

The Fortress of Woe. 2007.

Fossils. 2004.

Cube Farm. 2004.