University of Toronto professor Matt Wells is using Fiasco in his classroom–and he developed this handy dice-tracking app to help!

In his course on Remix Culture, his students are learning and playing the game, as well as making their own playsets.

“There are only a few gamers in the course, so I was a bit nervous. But by the end it was very gratifying to see everyone excitedly playing through their stories (as opposed to paying a minimum of attention to some dusty old lecture).  Whatever magic you used to conjure up this game, I assure you it is working exceedingly well.

Also, since many groups were having some trouble locating the dice they needed, I cooked up this modest web app for the game:

Note that the app is meant to facilitate pen-and-paper play, not replace it entirely. It is a substitute for the dice only. Anyway, I’m still troubleshooting, but I’m nearly there.

Anyway, just wanted to pass along all that info. Thanks!”

No, thank you, Matt! We’re excited to see how those playsets turn out, too.  

–The Bully Pulpit Crew

A Fiasco Dice Tracker!
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