Publisher to release content on Kickstarter’s new crowd support platform

Chapel Hill, North Carolina (February 27th, 2018) – Bully Pulpit Games is proud to announce the creation of a dedicated site on the crowd support platform Drip, a Kickstarter subsidiary. Drip offers a new way for friends and fans to support work they love, engage with creators, and get cool stuff.

Bully Pulpit Games, well known for its innovative and sometimes quirky lineup of tabletop and live action roleplaying games, is one of a handful of game-related companies approved by Drip.

Jason Morningstar, the company’s lead designer, is happy to be on the leading edge of the new platform. “We’re confident this will be an amazing confluence of tools, resources, and enthusiasm,” Morningstar said, “We see in Drip a lot of cool opportunities, like highlighting emerging designers as guests and crowdsourcing bits of our internal development process in ways we think our supporters will have a lot of fun with. It’s a new tool for us, and we plan on banging it recklessly against various fragile objects to see what happens.”

Bully Pulpit Games CEO Steve Segedy sees a practical side to using Drip. “We are neck deep in cool, weird stuff that is so close to being done. It’s a problem. Most of these interesting games get lost in the shuffle and never get the attention to push them to 100%. We’ve decided that this cannot stand, so we’re trying something new.”

The Bully Pulpit Games Drip will go live on February 27, with a new playset for the award-winning Fiasco by Morningstar himself available to all supporters immediately.


About Bully Pulpit Games
Bully Pulpit Games LLC is a small press game publisher based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. BPG is known for publishing Fiasco and other fine games and has won an unprecedented two Diana Jones Awards for Gaming Excellence, an ENnie “Judge’s Spotlight” award, and been nominated for Origins awards numerous times.

Press Contact: Alex Roberts

A New Fiasco Playbook – on Drip!