Still looking for the perfect last-minute gift for your Fiasco-loving friends? We’ve got you covered! American Disasters is the perfect virtual stocking-stuffer, and it’s available for sale now at DrivethruRPG!

American Disasters is a collection of highly-polished Fiasco Playsets along with new optional rules for extended campaign-style play. These rules, called Trainwreck Mode, offer a new experience for veteran Fiasco players and address a frequent request by fans by helping you chain multiple sessions and Playsets together for a longer, richer, and more catastrophic story!

The included Playsets were written and developed in-house and chosen specifically for this collection to match the Trainwreck rules. They’re all heavily-playtested and proven fiascos! See below for further details.

All together, American Disasters is 44 pages of awesome new material for Fiasco, designed and written by Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy with editing from Amanda Valentine. There have been many generous playtesters involved over the last year or so as well. This supplement has been simmering for a long time, and we hope to follow it with other great, curated collections.

Three Great Playsets!

Business Casual
Pour yourself a cup of terrible coffee and enjoy this snapshot of life in a corporate IT office, complete with cubicles, malfunctioning copiers, and impotent, white-collar rage. It’s the Monday that never ends!
Rainbow Mountain
Join Michael Tree and his family and build utopia on a few perfect acres of mountain land, far from the troubles of the modern world. Well, except all those problems you brought with you, of course.
Poppleton Mall
Come visit our shops during the holidays, when Santa reigns over his throne room and the atrium rings with the sounds of merry-making from the magical Winterland stage! Your children will always remember their visit to Poppleton Mall!


American Disasters, a Fiasco Playset Collection
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