In honor the world’s first playtest at Nerdly Beach Party…

Will, Ryan, Laura and Paul are playing Nine Roosevelts Against the Impossible.

Ryan, playing The Colonel, is Roosevelt Prime. He describes the Roosevelts tramping through the scrubby, sweltering forests of 1898 Cuba, and stumbling into the middle of a Prussian military camp! Prussians? In America’s back yard? Roosevelt Prime lets out a war-whoop and leads an ill-considered charge!

Paul, playing TR-9000, lumbers into a hail of withering Prussian gunfire, instantly identifying himself as Hero Roosevelt. Since Paul has three white chips left and nothing else, he elects to use leadership, rallying the rest of the Roosevelts in the attack. “I want to whip the entire Prussian camp,” he says, and Ryan is OK with that. Paul puts forward all three white chips. Since this leaves him with nothing, which could be lethal, he chooses to take a new chip as his prize. Figuring some violence is in the future, he takes a red one.

Ryan, as Roosevelt Prime, can either stay Roosevelt Prime or introduce his Theme. He knows Laura’s Theme – Treachery – would be perfect here while his – Love – seems like a weird fit. He also enjoys being Roosevelt Prime, so he takes that and gives Laura the last prize, introducing her Theme.

Will describes the Prussian camp and the battle underway, and the four players spend a few minutes one-upping each other in over-the-top lunacy. TR-9000 sprouts steam-powered battle flags. They finally reach a point where they really need to know whether TR-9000 succeeds or fails.

Paul rolls three dice. They come up 2, 2, and 5 – a success, but with Reality Burn! He loses all three chips. Paul begins to describe TR-9000 directing the Roosevelts and protecting Roosevelt Prime before being overcome with nth-dimensional interference. Laura jumps in with some treachery! The Mambie irregulars supporting the Prussians suddenly switch sides and join TR-9000 and his fellow selves. In the commander’s tent – evidence of black magic. And the Prussian commander has slipped away…

An Example of Play
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  • April 19, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    What is this? It sounds somehow even more over the top than Sons of Liberty.

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