Our April Playset of the Month is Hollywood Wives, courtesy of Jobe Bittman:

Palm tree-lined streets. Glittering beaches, movie star neighbors— Beverly Hills, California.

You all lead lives of fabulous luxury and wealth. Armani handbags, Louboutin shoes, jewelry by Neil Lane, personal chefs, the best bodies money can buy—you have it all. You’re living the southern Califonia dream. Your days are spent shopping on Rodeo Drive and your nights revolve around dining with your girlfriends at the trendy hot spot du jour.

Either that, or you clean up the mess those people leave behind.

Regardless, the glamorous life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The mansion’s almost in foreclosure, your financial advisors are running a Ponzi scheme, and the your philandering husband is banging the nanny. You can’t lose it all now. If only there was some way to make all your problems disappear… forever.

Inspired by shows like Desperate Housewives and films such as Get Shorty and Intolerable Cruelty, this playset is a cynical love letter to Los Angeles, followed immediately by the inevitable divorce papers.

April Playset of the Month: Hollywood Wives
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