Headed to Gen Con? So are we!

We’ll be at Indie Games on Demand for most of the weekend, running games we love – including some tests of Jason’s latest works in progress. We’d love to see you! Stop by the Hyatt Regency hotel, second floor, ballrooms A/B.

If you want to get your hands on print copies of our games, Indie Press Revolution will have them at booth 2338 in the Exhibitor Hall.

The Skeletons, Now in Print!

Ok, now for the most exciting part. You demanded, we relented: our friends at IPR will have print copies of our reverse dungeon crawl tragedy The Skeletons. Here’s what Jason says about this unique roleplaying experience:

It flips the script on the typical dungeon crawl. You have one job, which is to repel or slay intruders. But there’s a catch – your skeleton is slowly remembering who it was and why they are compelled to stand guard across the centuries. The game takes place across an epic swathe of time – your characters are immortal – and with each interruption of their accursed slumber, they remember more and more. Things change in interesting ways as the character’s awareness grows and the tomb itself literally crumbles around them.

Designed to offer a complete, melancholy play experience in a few hours, The Skeletons combines a table-driven format with innovative play mechanics to simulate the grinding crush of time for one to six players.

We originally envisioned The Skeletons as a digital release, but it’s proved so popular that we retooled the manuscript for print publication.

Not headed to Gen Con? You can order your print copy of The Skeletons at DriveThruRPG today!

We’ll be at Gen Con 50 – and so will The Skeletons!
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