Steve is already in Indianapolis representing Bully Pulpit Games at Gen Con, so if you have business to discuss or just want to get together and play games, here’s where you can find him!

Games on Demand
Games on Demand is taking place in the Downtown Marriott Ballroom 6, and is the best place at Gen Con to play our games, and many others like them! The volunteer GMs will be running Fiasco, Night Witches, the Warren, and possibly others. Bring your generic tickets and come play with us! More details about Games on Demand can be found at and

Indie Press Revolution
Most of our games will be available at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#2330) in the dealer’s hall. If you stop by, tell them Bully Pulpit sent you!

Gosh Darn Fiasco Live!
In addition, Steve will be playing a lively, one-hour game of Fiasco for your entertainment with the Gosh Darn Fiasco crew, and special guests Richard Malena, Steve and Will Hindmarch! The event (ENT1690540) takes place on Saturday at 8pm in the Westin Grand Ballroom.

Industry Insider Featured Presenters
Aside from these events, we encourage you to check out the exciting array of Industry Insider talks taking place this year. Many of our favorite designers, podcasters, creators, and friends are presenting this year, and we’d love to see those events filled with enthusiastic participants.

For more details, here’s Ajit George’s run-down of the series and why it is especially worth your time this year.

We hope you enjoy Gen Con 2016!

BPG at Gen Con 2016
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