Steve, Jason, and Alex will be at the inaugural PAX Unplugged this weekend in Philadelphia, November 17th-19th! We have so much planned:

Jason will be presenting a panel with Luke Crane of The Burning Wheel on Tabletop vs Larp, on Friday at 7pm.

Later that night, our musical friends The Doubleclicks will be doing a live version of their podcast, Gosh Darn Fiasco, and Jason and Steve will be on stage with them! The fun starts on Friday at 10pm.

After that, we’re resurrecting the world’s finest afterlife courtroom dramedy, Ghost Court! Our pals at the ONE SHOT Podcast Network will be joining us on Saturday at 10pm, for an evening of incorporeal indictment and frightful fun!

Alex will also be doing a panel on Queer Game Design, on Sunday at 1pm. She’ll be talking about the genesis and development of her 2-player romance RPG, Tension.

Catch the full details on our PAX activities here.


Throughout the con, our retail partner Modern Myths is the place to go to pick up our games, including copies of our latest nanogame, The Skyr Pitch, free with each purchase! Check them out at Booth 339!

The Skyr Pitch

BPG @ PAX Unplugged, Nov 17-19
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