Big Bad Con 2017 is less than a week away!

And we are thrilled to attend as an official co-sponsor alongside Evil Hat Productions.

Steve, Jason, and Alex will be running games all weekend, and there’s one you can still jump in on, for its player count knows no mortal bounds…

If you still haven’t had a chance to check out the world’s finest afterlife courtroom dramedy, or if you have and are thus bound to it in a dark, legally binding pact, we’ll have a spooky late-nite session on Saturday, from 10PM to midnight. We’ll bring the wig and gavel!

If you’re looking to pick up a copy of Ghost Court, or another Bully Pulpit game, our good friends at the Endgame booth will be there with our products in spades – and our new nanogame, The Skyr Pitch, to give out for free with each purchase!

The Skyr Pitch

In addition, Jason will be on a panel on Adult Themes in Gaming in the panel room on Saturday, at 9PM.

Adult vs. “Adult.”  What’s the difference?  How do you handle topics like sex, drugs, abuse, sexual assault?  Should you?  Our panel will talk about how to prep your group for the tough topics, how to handle them responsibly and how to make sure your players have an out if they need it.  Mickey Schulz (M), Ogre Whiteside, Brie Sheldon, Jason Morningstar.

See you there!

BPG @ BBC 2017
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