We’ve been super busy on the BPG ranch and I figured it was time for a quick update.

1. Durance. Almost locked. We have a layout guy and a pair of artists who are all more or less incredible. More on those fronts soon.

2. Free stuff. I’ve got several games that have been in the hopper for years that we’ve decided to give away in one form or another. The first of these is Carolina Death Crawl, which is a weird story-telling/role-playing/competitive improvisation game set during a specific incident during the American Civil War. It’s spooky and brutal and close to home – I’ve dipped my dogs in Little Contentnea creek.

3. Workshops. The improv for gamers event we did in Oakland was so good we’re working on doing it again in Chicago. We’d also like to do it in your town, so get in touch if you want to work on that. I’m looking at you, Austin Texas.

4. Conventions. Steve is beasting up Games on Demand at Gen Con this year. We’ll have space inside the convention hall and it is going to be bananas. We’ll both be there. Steve will also be at PAX east and I will be at Solumkhota and Camp Nerdly.

5. Surprises. We have a few and they are surprising.

BPG All Points Update