Bull Spec is a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction published in Durham, NC. Issue #5 just came out, and features an interview with Bully Pulpit Games by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn:

Bull Spec Issue #5 Cover
Each month of 2010 has seen your website feature a new playset for Fiasco… What does that say about the ruleset, when it can be used for such a wide variety of stories?

J It says it is a flexible, fun, replayable game! it handles different tones well, and part of the fun is being surprised by what direction a session heads. Crazy? Silly? Pitch black? Melacholy?

As long as the story involves really bad things happening to flawed people?

J Yes! Exactly. Powerful ambition must meet poor impulse control. But beyond that, all bets are off.

S I think it also says that most people are a lot more creative and well-versed in storytelling techniques than they realize. A big part of what Fiasco does is simply provide structure and pacing for a story and then give the players permission to aggressively contribute their ideas and enthusiasm. The playsets are hot coals, and the players are all piling on fuel to build the fire. A fire that ultimately burns down the town, of course.

Bully Pulpit Interview in Bull Spec Magazine