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You may own a print or PDF copy of our award winning game, Fiasco, but do you have Carolina Death Crawl, a swampy Southern Gothic roleplaying card game? What about Radioactive Bison, a live action roleplaying game about being a bison (yes, you read that right) that we released to our supporters on Perhaps the live action game The Climb? It’s exactly what the name says, you climb a mountain- but only 2 of you try for the summit. If you like Fiasco, you should definitely give Out of Dodge a spin- its a live-action RPG designed for four people on a road trip (or you can play with chairs in a room, in a pinch).

If you pay for the full collection, you’ll get the Fiasco Companion, some of our favorite Fiasco playsets, Winterhorn and The Skeletons. You should consider getting on that sooner rather than later because the level up price will only go up. The clock is ticking!

The charity we are benefiting with this bundle is Mines Advisory Group– a group committed to clearing landmines and unexploded bombs, managing weapons removal and teaching risk education classes.

Bundle of Holding – Fiasco Edition
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