I’ve sent out a couple of drafts of Grey Ranks for review and playtest, and I don’t want to touch it until I hear back. In the mean time, I’m writing a short, hopefully fun game about photocopy machine repairmen.

“Business Solutions is the roleplaying game of life and love among photocopy repair technicians. As the area’s largest photocopy leasing franchise, Business Solutions sends out pairs of skilled repair technicians on service calls to a wide variety of interesting establishments. Service calls present danger and opportunity in equal measure — can your character evade the vengeful executive he cuckolded? Can he fix a bad controller PCB photogate, or will he have to call for help?”

I’ve been bouncing ideas off the clever and perceptive Eric Provost. I stole a bunch of stuff from my own half-finished three-player experiments and the Contenders resolution mechanic. I’m also using it as a way to play with my rules voice. I think it is going to be really fun, and it is definitely going all the way. The Mad Irishman will no doubt have fun making the game look like a horrible corporate training manual. I wonder what the licensing deal is with Microsoft Office clip-art? I’m thinking saddle-stitched with an Astro-Brite cover.

Business Solutions
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  • November 28, 2006 at 2:55 pm

    You people… stole my idea (for a pre/during/post apocalyptic rpg)!

    Don’t stop!

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