Holy crap, did I have a good time at Nerdly.

I played about 24 hours of games over the weekend, and taught an improv workshop, and just sat around and chatted and schemed, and gathered firewood, and shivered a lot, and it was all good. Here’s what I played:

Memoir ’44 with Dave, Remi, and Joe. Dave and I didn’t take pegasus bridge but we won anyway. W00t. In your face, Nazis.

Perfect with the same guys. It was good to kick-start Nerdly with a dirty little game and it was great to play Perfect with the creator. I played a faux Inspector.

AGON with Remi, Dave, and Frank, in an unheated cabin. We could see our breath. We shouted a lot, and schoolboyed Odysseus.

The Vampire Hunters with Remi and Mark, which went as well as a playtest oughta.

My TSOY Aztec one-shot, with Remi (sensing a pattern?), Kristin, Dave, Frank, Andy, and Joe. There’s an AP post on the Forge. Gods were slain.

Dance, Dance, Kevin Allen Junior with Kevin, Frank, and Joe – what, no Remi? We danced, I pulled Joe out of a bottle, it was fantastic.

The Infected, with Frank, Kevin, Joe, and Mark, which was also super fun. I was a highs chool drama geek who loved Cradle of Filth and had authority issues.

Danite Dogs with Dave, Frank, and Kevin, in which I got to play freakin’ Porter Rockwell. Enough said, the Nauvoo Legion set things right in historical Wyoming, lots of fun but ended too soon.

So much fun, new friends, a really wonderful time.

Camp Nerdly Zero
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