I wrote up some observations on Carolina Death Crawl’s second go-round here.

More nitty-gritty: Over the course of the game, 11 disgrace, 9 kill, and 5 burn cards were used. It’s hard to imagine a burn-heavy game, so that may be a place where tweaking could take place.

The scores worked out well. The final showdown was 7 to 6.

Shanks’ card needs to be reworked a little. It presupposes something about his relationship and the timeline.

Adding tangible, perhaps mechanical reasons for them not to tear each other’s throats out would be good.

Adversity lays their cards face up, and I think they have to incorporate the card element after all.

I need to re-write the monologues; they are too friendly and make bad assumptions. In our game the last two guys split up, and the survivor was the deserter who had no interest in returning to New Bern. he ran off for Mexico with the former Governor’s daughter, the luscious Miss Bettie Toole.

CDC: Second Playtest