It’s December, and for our final 2012 Playset of the Month, we put together Touring Rock Band 2, an affectionate sequel to the original Touring Rock Band, written as a collaboration by some of our favorite Playset authors!

You were supposed to live fast and die young. At least you lived fast. Now you are not so young. Not so famous. Not quite able to rise to the sybaritic occasion the way you did back in the crazy days. Back when you were the big deal, touring the world behind an album that could have—should have—gone platinum. You had your moment and now it has passed. The band broke up, over sex and money and a lot of stuff that seems trivial now.

You’ve had to tone it down a little, accept a new sort of reality that involved trashing fewer hotel rooms and paying more bills on time and getting prostate exams that are actually prostate exams. But the dreams never died, and lately the various anemic side projects have been less and less satisfying. And as bad decisions and old
bridges burned come back to haunt you, the idea of revisiting past glory seems better and better. God knows you need the cash. And you still have fans on the Internet who would
kill to see the band get back together…

It’s Been a Good Run

This is our 36th Playset of the Month release, and in addition to being the last of 2012, it’s the last one we plan on publishing on a monthly schedule. Thanks To everyone who submitted a Playset, published their own Playset, or rocked out to a Playset of the Month!

In the future (2013 and beyond) we plan on publishing Playsets a bit less frequently, and focusing on high quality collections of playsets as well as the occasional really great ones that cross our desks and demand to be shared. Look for a further announcement about the first of those releases soon. You can expect it to be a complete trainwreck!

December Playset of the Month: Touring Rock Band 2
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