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Bloody Forks of the Ohio

1754: New England is booming, and Britain’s commercial empire is expanding west, through the Appalachians into the fertile and rich Ohio country. The situation couldn’t be plainer - French claims in the region are baseless, and all the natives are friendly to the British. The Seneca are your allies, and they claim the entire region by right of conquest. Through treaty, it will all be British soon enough.

When Major William Trent established a fort at the Forks of the Ohio, he was claimning the region for His Majesty. When a French army arrived to force his surrender and humiliating eviction, it was tantamount to a declaration of war. They built a fort on the ruins of Trent’s.

Fort Duquesne, they call it. A formidable piece of work. So now you’re back, with stout Virginia militia to back you up, and you’ll do whatever it takes to drive the French out of the Ohio country. Diplomacy among the natives, an agreement of gentlemen, or force majeur - it’s up to them. Whatever they want, you’ll give those simpering frogs exactly what they ask for.

Bloody Forks of the Ohio is a 21 page hack of a hack. The content was written by Jason Morningstar, based very heavily on John Harper’s Lady Blackbird which, frankly, does not have enough French dudes in it.

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Bloody Forks of the Ohio