I’m back from Dreamation, which was really fantastic this year. I had a great time. Big thanks to Ryan Macklin, Michael O’Sullivan, Lowell Carson and Eric Tage Larsen for tearing it up in Fiasco, weaving a bleak tale of obsessive revenge in a southern town that shall remain nameless. Of the five characters, four ended up dead (one bludgeoning, one gunshot, one self-inflicted, one eaten alive by Mexican mafia pit bulls) and the survivor, after a stay in prison, ended up turning tricks in Atlanta. It went a little dark and I learned a lot. Ryan, who blindtested the week previously, promised me some “compare and contrast” notes as well, which he better deliver.

Grey Ranks went well, although I was really feeling the pain of the convention four hour format. Still, everyone brought it, and I got to play with Arturo which was great. He played a sniveling, power-obsessed monkey, and the game took a surprising turn – after chapter seven, all five characters were in corners and thus written out of the story. A Total Crew Kill, something I’ve never seen.

Frederik Jensen’s Montsegur 1244 provided the best convention game experience I have ever had. I’ve been singing this game’s praises based on the manuscript, and now I can back it up with some actual play. It is brilliant and I cannot wait to turn my local peeps loose on it.

I also played great games of carry, In a Wicked Age and Trial and Terror (Trial and Terror is ridrunkulous) and good games of Ganakagok and Spirit of the Century. I didn’t have a sub-par game at all, and my only regret is missing out on the numerous Jeepform offerings. Remi didn’t, and now he’s raving about the form, and we are going to make some things based on our collective experience and a very fruitful conversation with John Stavropolous and Paul Tevis about the liminal sweet spot between LARP and tabletop.

Dreamation was lovely, and I really felt a pleasant and loving sense of community this year. Thanks to everyone who made it so fun. Also: One Cool Thing I Saw.

Dreamation Roundup
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  • February 24, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    That bit at the end of the video with you looks like it’s from the Blair Witch Project. Don’t go into the woods!

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