So the Drowning and Falling art is rolling in – we’ve got these guys doing a reference character class each, which will form a party, which everyone will riff off in their pieces. They all have different styles,so it’ll be fun to see it all come together. So far I’ve seen Cleric, Wizard, and Elf, and they are both excellent and funny. Jason Turner‘s wizard is unspeakably fabulous – she’s an older lady, a little paunchy, wearing John Lennon glasses and a cape and looking very tough.

Drowning and Falling Art
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One thought on “Drowning and Falling Art

  • March 5, 2006 at 9:06 pm

    The warrior just came in, and she is hilariously excellent and also cute. The Little person is this chain-smoking nebbish with glasses and a peace symbol necklace.

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