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“Just a quick note to say that my son and I played Dungeon Squad today, and we had a blast! We planned on doing it for about 90 minutes or so, but he just loved it and wanted to keep going. We were between stuff we needed to do on campus in my office, so the time just flew by. I think we played for more than 3 hours. My son has just started to become an avid reader, and he’s in the middle of the Harry Potter series. So I put together a really simple scenario: his character is a 1st year student at a wizard school called Bane College and the first adventure was a required service learning project to finish the year. An alumna of the school in a neighboring town has had her socerer’s familiar (a bird) stolen by a troll; his job is to venture out and return the bird to the owner. I think I spent 20 minutes thinking up the things he’d encounter along the way. The game could not have gone better for him. He had a lot of fun, made some really bad choices (and later realized it), had even worse luck, and just barely rescued the bird. He was hazed by older students before he left, attacked by a goblin and a highwayman, did all kinds of fun shopping, killed 4 skeleton warriors and the troll, and rescued the bird with only a few hit points left. We frequently examined the rules, but they didn’t bog the game down at all–it was fun for both of us. I can picture him really getting into it and roping a bunch of his 3rd grade buddies into playing. My guess is that this was the intended outcome of your design here, so I wanted to give you that feedback. I recorded the whole thing on mp3 and have a few short segments, including the student hazing, the shopping, and the fight with the troll, if you’re interested in hearing how they worked with a brand new 9 year old and a dad who hasn’t done any gaming in nearly 25 years!!! I mostly wanted to say BRAVO! Thanks for a great afternoon.”

Dungeon Squad AP
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