I put out a focused call for playtesters for Durance, a small game that started as a Game Chef entry, and got 30 groups to commit to playing it blind. I was surprised and gratified! I assume half of them will follow through and that’s a massive amount of targeted information.

Durance is a bit of an experiment in information design. The rules are brief and don’t really give you much to go on. There’s more color than procedure, but what procedure there is is, I hope, very clear once you begin playing. In this way there’s a leap of faith that may be necessary to really find the rules, fiction and social space all mesh in a satisfying way. It is a game that may not read well, which I try to make up for with very juicy color to entice people to try it out, at which point all the bits coalesce into something really special and terrible.

There are a few bits I think can be pared back even further but I will know that in a short while.

Durance Playtests Underway
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