We’ve had some questions recently about our free PDF guarantee, such as “where should I buy the game to get the PDF for free?” The answer is “your friendly local game store, of course!” The goal of this program is to support local retail stores, so the answer is that the files are generally only available by purchasing there. That said, there are a few exceptions:

You can get our game from Indie Press Revolution and get the PDF as part of the package.

If you must buy the game from Amazon, make sure to use our local game store, Sci-Fi Genre, for the purchase. We can get you the PDF that way as well.

With all of these retailers, delivery of the PDF is handled in different ways and you may need to follow up with them to make sure you get it. If you have any trouble, let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

If you’re a retailer and you aren’t sure how to get the files to share with your customers, check Bits-and-Mortar.com for more information!

FAQ: How Can I Get the Free PDF?
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