Mix rum and revolution in equal parts. Add a splash of espionage and shake well and you’ve got Havana 1953, the Playset of the Month for February!

Cuba, 1953. Havana has been called “the sexiest city in the world” and for good reason. The rhythm of the night is fueled by the rhumba beat, cocaine and the dazzling stars of Cuba. The Mob is starting to move in and light up the casinos, flush with easy money and easier dupes.

General Batista’s government rules with an iron fist behind the scenes. All the glamour of Miami only 90 miles away and with none of the rules. So why are there armed bands in the hills led by obscure guerrillas like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara?

This is another great historical playset written by Chris Bennett, and pairs nicely with Los Angeles 1936 and Dallas 1963.

February Playset of the Month: Havana 1953
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