International Tabletop Day - March 30, 2013 the Fiasco Tabletop Day Bundle Custom Fiasco Dice Bag

International Tabletop Day is tomorrow, March 30th, so we got excited and made stuff! Well sort of— we got excited and put together stuff we’d already made so that you can more easily enjoy it!

So if you’re planning to celebrate the day with games and you’d like to play Fiasco, grab the free Fiasco bundle from DrivethruRPG, which includes the following:

  • Our Fiasco facilitation cheat sheet, perfect for running the game for friends
  • The Fiasco play mat for use on the table during play
  • the Saturday Night 78 Playset (co-written by Wil Wheaton) and table cards used in the Fiasco Tabletop episodes
  • the Business Casual Playset (based on shows like Office Space and the IT Crowd) excerpted from our American Disasters collection just and made available for free as a Tabletop Day exclusive

Some of this you can already find here in our Downloads, but you should grab Business Casual while it’s free!

In addition, if you play Fiasco tomorrow and send us a picture or an anecdote from your game, we’ll add your name to a drawing for a special prize- a custom Fiasco dice bag from!

Fiasco Bundle for Tabletop Day
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