One of the best things about The Fiasco Companion is that we had so much good material, we didn’t have room for it all in one book. That’s good for you because now we’re releasing it for free!

Mission to Mercury Technical Data + Bonus Material is a supplement for the Mission to Mercury Playset included in the Companion, and it provides a metric ton of material to help you launch your next fiasco into orbit!

In this detail-packed PDF you’ll find pre-defined characters, technical information, some nice jargon, and lots of good inspiration. This document lays out, in the very broadest terms, who is going to be on Mercury, what equipment is around, what the habitat is like, and what the various missions are. All of this is intended to provide a gritty, highly constrained backdrop for your session. Get a taste now and grab the Companion when it’s released (in June!) to get the full Playset.

Fiasco Companion: Mission to Mercury Technical Data + Bonus Materials
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