I’m diligently plugging away on a small but fun project called Fiasco, which is ready for outside playtesting. It’s designed to emulate a certain sort of mishap-filled caper movie, and one of the fun bits is that you pull elements from sets, and these sets define many facets of play – the location, but also the tone of both the prospective crimes and the degree of carnage that will ensue. I’ve written a few and asked friends to author some too. Here’s Kevin Allen Jr’s awesome New Jersey set*. This is a bit of an information design headache as well, but I think I’ve got the whole “display both 144 discrete items and their causal and functional relationships in two 6×9″ pages or less” thing licked. Let me know if I’m wrong, or if you’d like to play Fiasco. 3-5 players, two hours, lots of mayhem.

*His set is actually better than this, including much more detail, but this is a format test first.

Fiasco: Garden State
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