Folks are starting to receive their copies of the new edition of Fiasco and we could not be more delighted!

Fiasco in a shipping box.
Courtesy of Peter Rogers

It’s a better game by many metrics. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to rebuild the 12-year-old original in a way that promoted safety and punching up. The new Fiasco has an integrated safety tool and the example of play models using it successfully and uneventfully. We hired a consultant (the great James Mendez Hodes) to review the changes – and especially the playsets – and we made tons of small but necessary adjustments based on his recommendations. Jason spent a lot of time carefully revising the Tilt and Aftermath to retain the game’s dark, sardonic humor while pointing individual choices in more positive directions.

We are not sure we succeeded on all counts, but the revised version is infused with a care for players and the experience of play that wasn’t even on our radar a decade ago.

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Fiasco is Now Arriving!