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Have you been as excited for the new Fiasco to come out as we have? The print edition is so close! Pallets of the game are on their way to our distribution partners right now, and soon all of our Kickstarter backers will have them. Shortly after that we’ll make it available in stores.

But what if you could play right now, online?

A few weeks ago we gave all of our backers codes for Fiasco on Roll20, so that they could try it out and give us feedback. So far things have gone well, so now we’re making it available for sale to the public!

Normally we wouldn’t release a game before our backers have it in hand, but these aren’t normal times. We know that a lot of you are looking for more ways to play online, and we’re happy to help!

The Expansion Packs are also available on Roll20!

Cover Images of the Four Expansion Packs for Fiasco, with eight total playsets

In addition to Fiasco, you can also pick up the initial four Expansion packs, each containing a pair of additional playsets for your next game! Individual packs are $4.99 and a bundle of all four of them is $19.99. If you buy it with Fiasco, you can get everything for $29.99!

Fiasco, USA – includes News Channel Six and Home Invasion
Unknown Monsters – includes Regina’s Wedding and Beast of Sucker Creek
Teen Angst – includes Fiasco High and Camp Death
Feel the Rush – includes In the Weeds and The Hasty and the Hateful

Check out the links below for additional descriptions and details on the Roll20 Marketplace.

Fiasco Now Available on Roll20
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