Quick, grab the duffel bags and get in the car! Run, Fools, Run is available for sale now at DrivethruRPG!

Run, Fools, Run is a collection of highly-polished Fiasco playsets written and developed in-house by Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy. Each is themed around organized stupidity, and each manages to bend the time-tested Fiasco playset framework in new and exciting ways. In addition, The playsets are designed to work well together using the “Trainwreck mode” introduced in our previous collection American Disasters.

All together, Run, Fools, Run is 36 pages of great new material for Fiasco. All of these playsets have had rounds of playtesting and great feedback from our usual excellent gang of collaborators, along with some great final proofreading by David Artman and additional playtesting at Gen Con Games on Demand!

With something dangerous, idiotic, or just plain cringe-worthy on every page Run, Fools, Run will kick your next Fiasco session into high gear!

Three Downright Criminal Playsets!

Fiasco: The Last Heist Playset Cover The Last Heist
Pull on your ski mask and get ready! Your crew of criminal geniuses is about to commit an ambitious robbery, and not for the first time. Let’s hope it goes better today. This playset includes a hack for “Heist Dice” to add some extra twists to your story and better emulate bank heist films.
White Line Fever Playset Cover White Line Fever
Hurtling down the highway in a 1973 AMC Matador, you are an extremely unlikely group of individuals. How did you get here? Why are you going so fast? The answers, and your destiny, are all right here in this cramped seventies muscle car.
The Murderists Playset Cover The Murderists
You’ve got a contract, advance money, and a dossier on your target. You may not get along with your team, but you’re professionals so you will get the job done. One problem: You’re pretty sure one of your team is a snitch, or worse, a Federal agent. Time to clean house.
Fiasco Playset Collection: Run, Fools, Run
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