We’re really excited to share a new special release playset called Dangerous Games, written by that literary and game industry juggernaut and all-around excellent dude, Matt Forbeck!

Matt’s written a trilogy of fun novels of crazy mystery and adventure centered around Gen Con, and as part of his recent Kickstarter campaign he also wrote this playset as a special reward. Here’s the pitch:

Gen Con. The largest tabletop gaming convention in the Western Hemisphere. A gathering of the particular branch of the geek tribe that likes to get its game on analog-style, rolling dice, pushing lead, and slapping down cards.

With something shy of 50,000 people descending on Indianapolis for a long, hot weekend in the middle of August, Gen Con is the size of a small city. A gamer-tastic Brigadoon that pops up on Wednesday in the Indiana Convention Center and then vanishes on Sunday, until next year.

They call it the Best Four Days in Gaming. It might also be the deadliest.

The three Dangerous Games novels are an absolute delight to anyone who has been to Gen Con, full of name-dropping and insane action, and this playset captures that feel pretty well. Jason had an opportunity to play it with him, Kristin Firth, and Keith Baker —at Gen Con, of course— and it was a blast. I hope you enjoy it too.

Fiasco Playset Special: Dangerous Games
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