Whaaa? Another new playset? That’s right, here’s another special Fiasco release, just for you!

Planeta Droga is a different kind of Fiasco playset. It was written and translated from Portuguese by our friend Rafael Pinheiro Costa in Brazil. It is an homage to his brother, and inspired by his struggle with addiction. Rafael also took some inspiration from Breaking Bad, Drugstore Cowboy, Requiem for a dream, Trainspotting and other great films in that vein.

This playset focuses on the “poor impulse control” aspect of a normal Fiasco and ignores the ambition part completely, as it models the daily routine of an addict. The focus is on the many small struggles. Such as being able to pull it together just enough that you can go to a family party, convincing a loved one that you can still change, figuring out where the next fix is coming from, or how to grow pot inside the apartment without attracting the attention of the cops.

And how does all of this work out? That’s for you to find out. Buckle up, and have a nice journey.

Rafael created the playset in part to raise interest in his brother’s biography project, so if you like the playset, please see the notes inside and consider supporting their efforts!

Fiasco Playset Special: Planeta Droga
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