It’s been a while since an official Fiasco playset has been spotted in the wild. We’ve been deep in the swamps and finally we’ve returned to bring you this astounding proof: please enjoy this special playset release, The Beast of Sucker Creek, written by Jason Morningstar.

Sightings of a hairy, man-like creature in and around Sucker Creek go back hundreds of years—the legends of the Rayado people tell of Ni-teshi-ih; “The Strong One” who lived in the dark swamps of the Sucker Creek basin.

Since white settlement of the region, reports of blood-chilling cries in the night and occasional sightings of the Beast have been a fixture of local gossip. Is it a madman? A crazed bear? Something strange and wholly new to science? No one knows, but those who have crossed paths with it are convinced of one thing—the Beast of Sucker Creek is real, and you don’t want to make it angry.

Fiasco Playset Special: The Beast of Sucker Creek
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