New from Bully Pulpit Games, FIRST RIDE / LAST RIDE is a short but intense one-player game about living on the edge, pulling heists and driving high performance cars in illegal street races!

This game is a love-letter from Jason to the Fast and the Furious franchise of films. Here’s more from him about the game:

“I love the Fast and the Furious movies for their casual bombast, their relentless dedication to smashing increasingly large numbers of cars with every entry in the franchise, and their endless, superheroic absurdity. They are movies that make sense with the sound off. Theirs is the language of the swollen bicep and the hot ride, and it is deliriously universal.

But I think what I love even more than all this is the emphasis on family ā€” the franchise is predicated on an unshakeable crew with genial, pan-ethnic curb appeal. These people all love each other fiercely, and the family grows with each installment. It’s pretty cool. Inspirational, even, for a series of films where driving supercars between skyscrapers in Dubai is just another day at the office.

So here’s a game that distills that old-school feel to its essentials ā€” family, the crew, and the hard choices a true car wizard must occasionally make. I wrote it as an experiment in privileging tone over substance and, in that way, it is both an affectionate homage seeking to capture that fast, furious vibe, and also a sort of roleplaying poem whose value comes from what you pour of yourself into it. Let me know how your Dan turns out.

One side note: My preferred mode of play is Last Ride and then First Ride. That’s the order I wrote them in, and, like a gonzo flashback in one of the films, there are all kinds of little Easter Eggs you may appreciate if you play in that order. Enjoy!”

Available now at DrivethruRPG!

First Ride / Last Ride Now Available!
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