Next up in Free Games February is Betula, an historical murder-mystery scenario for use with your favorite lightweight game system.

It is April, 1921. Some shit-heels in McKean County, Pennsylvania have killed the only lawful authority in McKean county with the power to arrest them. As detectives for the Baldwin-Felts Agency, you don’t have the power to arrest them, but you sure as hell have the power to kill them. They are holed up in the woods behind an army of Norwegian lumberjacks, but that’s just a detail to tough guys like you, right?

Moral ambiguity is served up fresh and hot as bad men chase killers who may be good men in Prohibition-era rural Pennsylvania. Playable with any set of light rules – Archipelago for gritty realism and Itras By for gritty surrealism.

Betula is a freeform tabletop roleplaying game scenario for a GM and 1-4 players.

Free Game February: Betula
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