It’s Free Game February, and we’d like to celebrate by sharing a brand-new Dungeon World adventure with you: The Cloud Bastion of the Dzanetume Peak-Lords.

In the remote and forbidding valleys west of the Anchorhold, above a forgotten pass through the mountains, floats a fortress. Since the end of the Age of Magic it has defended the pass, belching lightning, its secrets protected. The strange treasures of the Cloud Bastion of the Dzanetume Peak-Lords are a prize reserved for the cleverest of robbers.

You are not the cleverest of robbers.

This science fantasy aerial dungeon crawl includes plot hooks, traps, monsters, treasure cards, and illustrations by sixteenth-century Archbishop of Uppsala, Olaus Magnus. Gather a party and have fun; you will probably die!

And while you’re at it, pick up Jason’s other newly-released Dungeon World supplement, Juntu’s Floating Ice Hell!

Free Game February: Cloud Bastion of the Dzanetume Peak-Lords
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