Next up in the Free Game February series: King is Dead, a freeform larp for 5-6 players and no GM.

The Submarine Room of Blue Pines, King’s mansion, has an undersea theme. Blue shag carpet rises to meet massive overstuffed captain’s chairs custom built to look like barnacle-encrusted logs. The ceiling is painted in a night sky mural interspersed with mirrors. To the east, a red sky warns of coming danger. Some have joked that the danger is the fully-stocked bar directly beneath it. The atmosphere is convivial, over the top, trashy and fun. King likes it that way.

King was once the most popular entertainer in the world. Now he’s a has-been – a wealthy, powerful has-been, but younger, prettier, less talented and more ruthless artists have usurped his throne. Times are bad, but you are King’s dearest friends in the entire world. He’s been good to you. He remembers his friends. Now you sit in the submarine room, drinking King’s liquor, waiting for the call that will change everyone’s life, because King is in the hospital dying from a drug overdose.

Free Game February: King is Dead
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