drowning-falling-morningstarThe Fantasy Role-Playing Game of Adventure and Death from Drowning and Falling

Will you drown or will you fall? The choice is yours!

The Drowning and Falling Role-Playing Game includes everything you need to slip and plunge into a world of mystery and adventure!* With five character classes, two alignments, over twenty three spells and prayers and fifteen statistics unlike any seen in the history of role-playing, you and your friends will be tossed head-first into thrilling tales limited only by your imagination and certain rules!

The Drowning and Falling Role-Playing Game – play it once and you’ll never look at drowning and falling in the same way ever again!

*Everything you need not included.

Drowning & Falling is a charity project and so all profits from sales of this game continue to be donated to ORBIS International. The mission of ORBIS is to eliminate avoidable blindness and restore sight in the developing world, where 90% of the world’s blind live. They do this in part by operating a completely awesome flying eye hospital in a converted DC-10. Visit ORBIS to learn more!


D&F Web Version

D&F Web Version

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    “The art (and there’s lots of it) is well done and entertaining… when a section title is “Making Up a Guy,” the game has my attention.” – Phil Reed

    “It was a long slog and a tough battle. We lost a lot of good men, but in the end, with such awesome challenges, monsters, and of course, a huge pile of treasure, everyone was a winner. Two thumbs way up.” – Nick Novitski

    “Awesome, ridiculous and fun!” – Emily Care Boss

    “Despite its tight focus, this game looks totally playable.” – Brennan Taylor

    “I’m going to use D&F to run Snakes on a Plane!” – Chris Goodwin

    “Wow. I can throw away shelves full of RPG books.” – Mark Woodhouse

    Actual Play