Creating Your Own Playsets

Interested in creating your own Fiasco playset or related content? That’s great! We always like to see what fans of the game come up with.

While Fiasco and the official Fiasco supplements are all under copyright by Bully Pulpit Games, we’re also explicitly licensing the playset structure under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

What Does That Mean?

This means that you can create what you want using our playset content as long as you:

1) provide credit to Bully Pulpit Games, ideally with a link to our site
2) make it available for free, so that other Fiasco fans can enjoy it
3) Release your content under this same Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license so that others can re-mix it

As an extension to this, we consider “non-commercial” to include Pay What You Want terms; in other words, you can offer your content as PWYW as long as people can still have it for free.

What Products are Covered by This License?

Official Fiasco playsets by Bully Pulpit Games, as well as other items you might find on our Downloads page. You may also adapt elements from the core game, such as remixing the Tilt and  Aftermath tables, but you are not allowed to reprint those elements as-is.

Since not everything was created by us, be sure to check the copyright statements before building on someone else’s work, and ask permission if you’re not sure.

Why Use Creative Commons?

Our general goal is to encourage people to use the material and add to the great body of cool playsets already out there, while also making sure that only high-quality products are associated with the game and our company.

However, since we don’t have the resources to do quality control and put our stamp of approval on every release, we at least want to make sure that the playsets are freely available and that fans don’t have to spend money on them unless they’re worth it.

Official Commercial Licenses

If you’d like to make and sell a commercial product using Fiasco, including digital applications, licensed translations, etc., just contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about our game!