The Pitch

FIRST RIDE / LAST RIDE is a short but intense one-player game about living on the edge, pulling heists and driving high performance cars in illegal street races. It is also a game about family, responsibility, and the limits of love and loyalty.

In the prologue, First Ride, you’ll play Dan, a young man who lives on the edge, just getting his start in the world of illegal street racing. Is Dan ready to form true bonds of friendship? Is he willing to stand tall for his family in difficult times? Will the siren song of lust and oblivion lure him toward dissolution?

In the epilogue, Last Ride, you’ll play Dan at the end of his career, a man who used to live on the edge, pulling heists and racing high-performance cars. Recently he has married and had a child. Is Dan ready to settle down to peace and stability at last? Will the siren song of danger and freedom call him back to his old life?

Written by award-winning game designer Jason Morningstar, the game is a loving homage to films about men and women who drive at high speed and are quick to anger. First Ride/Last Ride is a weird, introspective journey that will end very soon, a quarter mile down the highway.

What’s Included?

The game includes a FULL-color set of eight 6″ x 6″ tile cards printed on standard card stock, double-sided, with a low-gloss UV Coating. Here’s what’s included for each chapter of the game:

An Introduction card – This card explains the rules and orients you to Dan’s first or last ride.

Six “Ride” Cards – These cards provide some exciting fiction, ask you to answer some questions, then confront you with a hard choice that will have repercussions later.

A Conclusion Card – In the end, you’ll find out how the choices you’ve made have changed Dan. Bookending an untold story, First Ride/Last Ride serves as both prologue and epilogue. What choices will you make?

Please note that the deck currently comes without a box, banded in a plastic sleeve for delivery.

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