terps_thumbWhen the Combine came to your planet to put down the terrorists and bring peace and freedom, you volunteered as a combat interpreter. It is your home, your culture, your language, and you are the link between off-world soldiers and the people around them. You want to improve your war-torn planet and your own lot in life – at the end of your term of service there will be a golden ticket for you and your family to a better life off-planet, in the Combine.

Too bad “terrorist” doesn’t mean what you thought it did, and “peace and freedom” are somehow elusive. And too bad that golden ticket is a lie.

‘Terps is a live-action freeform game for 5-7 people and 2-3 hours.

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Cap and Trade

cap_and_trade_iconCap and Trade is a game designed for the classroom, intended as an entree to the issues related to cap and trade legislation in the United States. If you use this, definitely replace the information sheets with original student research.

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Bloody Forks of the Ohio

bloody_forks_icon1754: New England is booming, and Britain’s commercial empire is expanding west, through the Appalachians into the fertile and rich Ohio country. The situation couldn’t be plainer – French claims in the region are baseless, and all the natives are friendly to the British. The Seneca are your allies, and they claim the entire region by right of conquest. Through treaty, it will all be British soon enough.

When Major William Trent established a fort at the Forks of the Ohio, he was claimning the region for His Majesty. When a French army arrived to force his surrender and humiliating eviction, it was tantamount to a declaration of war. They built a fort on the ruins of Trent’s.

Fort Duquesne, they call it. A formidable piece of work. So now you’re back, with stout Virginia militia to back you up, and you’ll do whatever it takes to drive the French out of the Ohio country. Diplomacy among the natives, an agreement of gentlemen, or force majeur – it’s up to them. Whatever they want, you’ll give those simpering frogs exactly what they ask for.

Bloody Forks of the Ohio is a 21 page hack of a hack. The content was written by Jason Morningstar, based very heavily on John Harper’s Lady Blackbird which, frankly, does not have enough French dudes in it.

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Dungeon Squad 2

Gift of Mitchell Kennerley, 1924

Dungeon Squad 2 will plunge you into the grim world of danger and adventure that is your birthright! You do not need parents, older siblings, or other know-it-alls to tell you how to be a hero!

Dungeon Squad 2 is a very fast, very light roleplaying game designed for youngsters with powerful ambition but short attention spans.

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The Trial of Poland

trial_of_poland_iconThe Trial of Poland is a game that focuses on the rise of the Solidarity movement in Poland n 1980, from the point of view of the established powers confronted by a legitimate and ultimately existential threat. Each of the characters is a historic eastern bloc leader and, in his own way, a terrible person. The game hinges on a single decision—will Poland be invaded?

This is an experimental freeform game.

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Watch the Skies!

watch_the_skies_iconIt’s 1957, and you are in Palomar Gardens, the slightly seedy California home base of “Professor” George Adamski’s flying saucer cult. Tonight the extraterrestrials that have been visiting Adamski for years are returning. He’s announced that they are arriving to meet his followers and welcome them to the cosmic colloquy of enlightened beings. A flying saucer will fly overhead, and later the extraterrestrials will arrive in Palomar Gardens. It’s the night everybody has been waiting for – the desert sky is clear and bright, the air is charged with anticipation, and the cocktail bar is fully stocked.

This is a parlor larp for 8+ participants. If you are going to play, DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR READ THIS!

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We Are Here To See The Evil Wizard Kormákur

wizard_kormakur_iconA group of brave souls have traveled through dark forest and hissing swamp to reach the moss-covered tower that now stands before them. They are each here to see the dreaded wizard Kormákur, but apparently Kormákur is not home.

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Frost Devils

frost_devils_iconNome, Alaska, 1901. There’s a gold rush on at the very end of the Earth, attracting every manner of ne’er-do-well and fiend from deranged Kuskokwagmiut to Wyatt Earp. And you, of course.

Frost Devils is a reskinning of Matt Snyder’s excellent game Dust Devils. It can also serve as a really solid and historically meticulous resource guide to Nome at the turn of the last century for any game.
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The Plant

the_plant_iconSomebody you love has gone missing inside the plant. You are going to get them back.

A solitaire roleplaying game

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Death School

death_school_icon“It’s the CIA’s most elite school for covert agents. America’s deadliest enemies are coming with a final exam.”

Death School is an over-the-top eighties-action-movie-themed Lady Blackbird hack. Bring a flag; you will be waving it. Be advised: This game is ludicrously offensive in all the ways jingoistic eighties films were.

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dulse_iconDulse is a quiet little game about choosing between things that you should never have to choose between.

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Danger Mountain!

danger_mountain_iconDanger Mountain! is the game of seventies environmental disaster movies! Mother Earth is crying and she will have her revenge.

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The Hot Lamp

hot_lamp_iconThe Hot Lamp is a tiny structured freeform poem about police interrogation. For 3-4 players and 20 minutes. It was designed to give the players some practice using the principle of agreement.

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Last Train Out Of Warsaw

last_train_out_of_warsaw_iconLast Train Out Of Warsaw is a hack of Matthijs Holter’s game Archipelago II. It is a self-contained scenario about the … last train out of Warsaw on December 17, 1939.

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Curse of Antelope Woman

antelope_woman_iconCurse of Antelope Woman is a complete one-shot scenario for Brennan Taylor’s excellent game How We Came To Live Here. Characters and situation for inside and Outside GMs are provided.

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anchorhold_iconAnchorhold is a complete campaign setting for a fantasy game. It includes a description of the the border valleys beneath the castle of the Anchorite Brotherhood, adventure seeds full of politics and bloodshed, random encounters, event tables and name lists.

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The Beggar’s Opera

beggars_opera_iconThe Beggar’s Opera is an experimental game based on John Gay’s opera of the same name. Six people play Macheath and the Peachums and Lockits, and a seventh sorts their contributions into a coherent narrative.

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News Hole

news_hole_iconNews Hole is a structured freeform game about a family in crisis and the death of print journalism.
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Khas Fara, Village of Fear

khas_fara_iconA system-less fantasy adventure setting with some pre-made characters for Solar System/Shadow of Yesterday. Was honored in a contest and appeared in Fight On! magazine.
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