Camp III, Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan Himalaya

We have arrived at Camp III, precariously perched 6,900 meters up on a cliff-face high above the Tarphel Valley of Bhutan. In an age of well-trodden paths, no human being has ever been higher on this peak than we are right now. This is a secret first ascent without the knowledge of Bhutanese authorities, who have forbidden climbing for religious reasons since 1994. No one knows we are here. If we descend into Bhutan we will be arrested. If anything goes wrong, there is no one to rescue us.

Two will summit in the morning.

For the six of us on the slopes of the Gangkhar Puensum massif, summiting ensures a place in climbing history. We all want a shot, but only two of us can make it to the top. Who will it be? And what fate awaits the “lucky” ones above 7000 meters?

THE CLIMB is a short, six-person, live-action game about an expedition to a virgin peak in the Himalayas. The game requires six players, a large quiet space, and should take 2-3 hours to play. There is no Game Master, but you’ll need one player to organize and facilitate.

This game includes a 14 page PDF organized for double-sided printing, which will be used in play as a rules cheat sheet, six individual character sheets, and a Summit Team information sheet. In addition, there is a sheet of name tags (suitable for printing on labels) and a 91 minute MP3 snowstorm soundtrack that is used as a countdown for events during the game.

the-climbLive-Action Game
by Jason Morningstar
15 page PDF, 91 minute Soundtrack
Published December 2013


The Climb: Name Tags

The Climb: Name Tags

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The Climb Soundtrack

The Climb Soundtrack

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