Goth Court, Liz Gorinsky and Jess Zimmerman’s hack of Ghost Courtis now available! Goth Court is a standalone game that features all the party-sized small-claims fun of its ghostly predecessor, but with more eyeliner and angst.

Goths and norms alike can find the digital edition and the print-on-demand edition, which includes a free PDF download, on DriveThruRPG.

In addition, if you’ll be at Gen Con in Indianapolis, you can find Goth Court in print at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#2338)!

If you just want to check out the rules, you can find them on the product’s page here.

Liz and Jess were kind enough to put together a suitably atmospheric playlist, to keep your courtroom as foreboding as any industrial club. It goes great with your fingerless gloves and black creepers (which we know are still in the back of your closet somewhere.)

Remember that we love hearing about your experiences of play! Seeing them on Twitter, Facebook, or G+ is even better. Stay gloomy!