“Having done everything to cripple the enemy that the usages of war allowed and refrained as much as possible from disturbing private property or alarming peaceably disposed inhabitants, General Potter about five o’clock in the afternoon issued orders to start forward on the line of march…” – Frank Moore

“We left the beautiful village of Greenville and its citizens about 3 o’clock p. m. to meditate on the vicissitudes of war and the penalties of treason.” — Third New York Cavalry Record, July 24, 1863.

“At Greenville the Federals spent several hours raiding barrooms. Many got drunk, attempted to destroy the river bridge and had a good time.” – Henry Thomas King

“Greenville is a very nice looking and pleasantly situated little village – its chief productions are some very pretty ladies, who were much admired by us all. Ladies are somewhat of a rarity down here; but secession was stamped on every feature of the birds, especially when we demanded the keys to the smokehouses and took out the many nice hams, honey &c, and the numerous stores which were opened and the contents destroyed as we liked. All this led them to feel delightful towards the Yankees.” – Anonymous, Batavia Republican Advocate, July 29, 1863.