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Steve has been made leader for Act 3, Scene 8. He reads the scene description aloud and decides to create a mission involving stopping a tank. Since it is scene 8, he has eight points to work with and consults the mission builder in Appendix B.

He chooses ÅšródmieÅ›cie (that’s 2 points, and it happens to be his old district, giving him a bonus die). It’s a combat mission (5 more, for a total of 7) and he’s one short. So Steve looks closer and decides to set it outside the PowiÅ›le electrical plant, which is a prominent location in ÅšródmieÅ›cie worth 3 instead of the generic 2.

“OK guys,” Steve says, in character as Janek, “The Nazis are trying to take back the power station with a couple of tanks. Over in ÅšródmieÅ›cie, the PowiÅ›le plant. We’ve got to stop them. I’ve heard they are using women from the power plant as human shields. God help us.”

Everyone plays out a vignette and then Janek’s mission begins. There are four players – Steve, Joel, Enno, and Val. Because it is scene 8, the total difficulty is 32 – 8 times the number of players. Steve, as leader, appoints Val to go first.

“OK,” Val says, “We’re sneaking into the plant to find a good firing position. I’ve scrounged a German anti-tank gun and a couple of rounds. I’m rolling two dice.”

Val rolls and gets a total of 7. Not too great, but not terrible – if she’d gotten 8, she’d be pulling her own weight in whittling down the difficulty.

“We find a position but there are German soldiers in the plant. We’re in a firefight!”

Enno is next. He rolls two dice secretly, gets a healthy 9, and describes driving off the soldiers. “We can see the tanks … but they are driving human shields before them like cattle.”

Joel follows. “One die, guys,” he says, to universal groans. “I had a big love scene and used a bunch of dice. Besides, I’m 17!” Nobody offers to help, he rolls one die and, happily, gets a 6. “OK, I clear away some debris and stabilize the Panzerfaust. Ludka has a clear shot. The first one is good – the tank is stopped, but the poor factory workers are cut down like wheat. It’s horrible.”

It’s finally Steve’s turn, and he does the math – five dice so far, and nothing super spectacular in the narration. He doesn’t want to lose the mission. “Joel, you’re a bastard. I’m putting up two dice, plus my bonus die.” Steve rolls a crappy total of 9. Everyone pushes their dice over and Steve reads them: 7+9+6+9=31! Failure, by the narrowest of margins.

“Val, I load up the Panzerfaust for a second shot.”

“Poor Ludka’s crying. She can’t do it,” Val says.

“Right. I take it away from you and fire it at the second tank. The shot is right on but glances off the armor, exploding and sending shrapnel into the crowd of terrified women. The tank’s turret swivels to our position.”

“Let’s get the hell out of there,” Enno says, “We’re screwed.”

Everybody crosses off the next Thing They Hold Dear. For Janek, that’s My Self. “An 88 round blows up a wall behind us, and a chunk of masonry smacks into my right shoulder, breaking my collarbone and shoulder blade. For the rest of the game, I’m in a sling and only using my left hand. Thanks, Joel.”

Grey Ranks Mission Example
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