Steve suggested including sample characters in Grey Ranks, so I did some research and found actual partisans who exemplify, as best I can make out, the Things You Hold Dear in the game. So:

Danuta Raby was an eleven-year-old Girl Guide when the Germans invaded. She served in the Grey Ranks as a messenger during the Uprising and developed an intense camaraderie with her crew, often partying with other teens until dawn before reporting for duty. She participated in the house-to-house fighting in Wola and shot a German soldier in the head. Danusia spent time in a POW camp after the capitulation but survived the war.

Julian Eugeniusz Kulski served in the Grey Ranks as an under-age partisan throughout the occupation. The son of Warsaw’s Protestant mayor, Julian had a long history with the resistance prior to the Uprising – he’d even spent time in the Gestapo jail in Szucha alley. During the Uprising, he and his crew fought in Zoliborz before the order to surrender came. He was fifteen.

Lucyna Maciejewska was a Grey Ranks courier and medic. Her story revolves around her deep love for another Scout named Zenon, who she met in early 1944. They immediately knew they were meant for one another – she was sixteen and he was seventeen. During the Uprising Lucyna and Zenon were separated, and in the course of her duties she prayed he wouldn’t be among the scores of badly injured boys she tended to daily. Zenon was captured and executed on Gibalskiego street in Wola, but not before writing Lucyna a final letter, telling her to wait for him. She survived the war and never married.

Celina Pastuszko was the daughter of a wealthy family that chose to stay in Warsaw during the Uprising. At seventeen, she volunteered her parents flat at 11 Zurawia street as a field hospital and communications outpost. Celina worked in her own home as an untrained nurse and medic, supporting both the Grey Ranks and the Home Army Bartkiewicz group. She was killed by artillery fire on 4 September.

Seventeen-year-old Zbigniew Banas was an enthusiastic Catholic scout even before the war. The leader of his crew, Zbigniew conducted high-risk operations centered around Powisle in City Center, the district of his birth. Banana was known across the city as a fearless courier who never hesitated to take on the toughest assignments, confident in God’s protection. He was killed by a sniper on 17 August.

Witold Modelski earned his prestigious nickname for fanatic devotion to his city during the Uprising. Initially a courier, Witold demonstrated his fighting skill and was rapidly transferred to the Parasol battalion and served with distinction, earning the Cross of Valor. He was killed on 20 September defending one of the last Home Army strongpoints in City Center. He was twelve years old.

Grey Ranks: Real People
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