Check this out! Evil Hat Productions just published Hocus Focus, a free supplement for the Dresden Files, and it’s a Fiasco playset!

Occult Chicago. Beneath the surface there are movers and shakers, magics and artifacts, all hidden from mortal eyes. There’s so much right there for the taking – money, power, fame, respect – it feels like all you need to is just reach out and grab it. And that’s just what you intend to do. You’ve got supernatural powers, a foolproof plan, and then? Easy street. What could go wrong?

Lurking at the intersection of The Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat and Fiasco by Bully Pulpit, Hocus Focus is a Dresden Files themed playset for Fiasco — with a twist. You play the monsters – and your schemes are under investigation by Harry Dresden. Explore the Dresden-inflected fun when bad things done by bad people go very, very badly indeed!

You can download Hocus Focus for free from DriveThruRPG right now, as an early Halloween treat! Alternately, if you don’t already have both Fiasco and Dresden Files, you can buy the special discounted bundle of The Dresden Files RPG: Your Story, Fiasco, and Hocus Focus for only $30!

Hocus Focus: You Got Your Dresden Files in my Fiasco!
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