Thanks, playtesters.

Seriously, no act of kindness could be more selfless or fraught with peril or ultimately valuable to a game designer. Will it be fun? Probably not. It will probably freeze up, or break, or crash and burn, and that’s fried gold for me and an evening of pain for you. If it behaves flawlessly, I quite naturally get suspicious that maybe you are a lunatic doing everything wrong.

Fiasco is getting more playtesting, and more blind testing in particular, than any game I’ve worked on. For the first time, I’ve had the extraordinary good fortune of getting cold calls from people who want to help out. That’s like asking to be impaled, but I guess it’s also a gratifying vote of confidence in my efforts. If you’ve tried Fiasco, thanks! You’ve made the game better by a mile.

In Praise of Playtesters
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