For the July Playset of the Month, Fiasco takes to the skies aboard Flight 1180! In this playset, the airplane serves as a pressure cooker where all the passengers stories are mixed together and set to a boil. You should probably buckle up, don’t you think?

Baggage. Even if you think you checked it all in the terminal, you’re bringing some on board with you. Baggage. Everyone’s got some and in the confines of an aircraft it surrounds us and mingles together. Is this your bag or mine? Is there a better metaphorical juxtaposition in air travel than “baggage carousel” where your personal baggage gets to ride the horsies?

This is another great playset by Fiasco veteran and writer Will Hindmarch, including London 1593, The Zoo, All the Damn Time, and Bookhounds Fiasco.

July Playset of the Month: Flight 1180
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